Film Friendly status is gained as the result of a training programme organised by Finnish Lapland film Comission during the autumn 2012. It means that our personnel has knowledge of the special needs film crews may have and is willing to accommodate them as thoroughly as possible. Finnish Lapland Film Comission:

Who we are

We are Husky safari business from Southern Finland. Our hometown is located at Heinola, very near at Vierumäki sports academy. We do safaris at Southern Finland and subcontracting at Northern Finland to local businesses, mainly at Rovaniemi.

Farm and land

We own 35 hectares  land witch has nice rocky view and swamp lake, about 30 kilometers away from Heinola center.

We also own at Southern Finland, Heinola facility that has barn converted as customer space and two little farms from Heinola to North (6h 30km and 2h 60km). Both places has electricity. Lands and farms are easily converted for production.

Dogs at work and hobby

I have been doing different sports with dogs and in competition I was first time at 1984. Back then sport was submission and breed was cocker spaniel.

Years have passed and breeds have changed. Dogs are among work our hobby and lifestyle. Some of our dogs are old, but the spend their retirement days and are with younger ones as babysitters.

With younger  dogs we do work and because I also do photographing my dogs have been at target of lens many times.

At film set I have been doing Farewell, Hanna and The mystery of snow queen. At film shoot there has not been our dogs, I have been assisting Reijo Jääskeläinen with his animals.


That we own:

Other breeds

30 years of experience  has brought lots of dogfriends all over Finland that has all of different breeds and experience about working with dogs.

We have road legal transport equipment for our animals and animal transport licence so we can move with them almost anywhere.


We also own Sisu CV 45 truck ("Proto" converted as tow truck with tilting flatbed) and -69 Ford Capri, two Volkswagen Transporters that can easily been used by production teams.

Business partners

Here at Southern Finland we co-operate with Lehmonkärki. At Lehmonkärki there is luxury cottages and services at fabulous landscape.
Tuomo Talvinen and Kirsi Översti
Suurijärventien 77
18600 Myllyoja

p. +358405857431 / Tuomo
p. +358404153952 / Kirsi